We are Washington state teenagers who are determined to make *real* change to our gun laws so that kids at school - and all Americans - are safe from gun violence.


We, the youth of Washington, are infuriated. Infuriated with the lack of action regarding gun violence by the U.S. Congress and by our Washington State legislators. We will no longer risk our lives waiting for adults to take action. March for Our Lives is led by students across the country to address the epidemic of mass school shootings and gun violence. We recognize that although school shootings are what make the news, 46 youths are shot everyday. Of those, most are youths living in at-risk communities. Teenagers and young adults ages 18 to 25 accounted for nearly half of King County’s 74 homicide victims in 2017. We stand in solidarity with those in our local communities and across the United States who have been affected by gun violence.

This is our call to action. Never again in Washington State will we tolerate complicity. Never again will we allow ourselves to be silenced. Never again will schools be a place of fear. Enough is enough.

Teen leaders,

Rhiannon Rasaretnam
Emilia Allard
Kaileah Mayer
Lina Waughman
Alex Davidson
Catherine Zhu
Kyler Parris
Ash Maria